Sunday, May 27, 2018

Prophetic War Trumpet, Israel

A Word spoken to me from our Lord on 05/27/2018 at around 10:30 AM. I am a Jew inwardly first, and naturally as well and come from a Hebrew believer perspective. God bless you and believe in God.

Please examine Ezekiel 38-39Psalm 83Zechariah 12, and Daniel 2 very carefully.

Prophetic War Trumpet, This is what the LORD Says is Coming:

A war is Israel is coming My beloved remnant. You must be prepared for all of the consequences that these days of great terror, pestilence and hardship will bring in my Holy Mountain. Yerushalayim has become a cup of trembling to all the nations round about her, my Precious Israel, in whom I have chosen since the beginning. She has gone astray from Me, yet again, as she has in her youth. She will know Me forevermore, when I come in Glory with 10 thousands of My saints. She will know Me forevermore and will worship Me alone as her God. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The First and the Last, Jehovah God. The bright and morning Star, the eternal One, the Holy one of Israel. Have I forgotten My people? Have I forgotten My promises to you O Israel? I say not. I Am not a man that I should lie. I will leave those who have left Me, and they will worship at My servants feet. You who call yourselves Jews in my land, who think you are holy as I AM Holy, who say you are religious and practicing in following and worshipping Me, are liars, and snakes. You know not My Word, and you have made it to none affect. You hate Me, and would crucify Me yet again for you know not My Father or Me. I gave My life for you, My brethren, and you turned Me away and persecuted Me. I will take vengeance upon you and show the earth that you are NOT My people. My sheep know My voice, and they follow Me. You, O beautiful children in My Land, who are waiting for Me, and love Me, My children, I will visit. I will pour out a blessing upon you, and you will know Me, and proclaim My name throughout Judea. Blessed is He who trusts in the name of the Lord, who knows and keeps His Commandments. Those who love Me keep My commandments. You will be with Me forevermore, and I will send My Special Ones unto you. Yes children, look up, for My spotless remnant of 144,000 of your brethren are coming to you. The two witnesses will arise and take their place. Wait on Me, My remnant, and look to Israel. For she is judged, and she has been found wanting. Her relationship with the wicked serpent, the great whore on many waters, the evil one that has strayed from Me and blasphemed Me, America, is a vile sight in My Holy eyes. Instead of trusting in Me, Israel trusts in America, and worships her as her god. I Am the only refuge for My people. America will fall, and will burn until it is no more. I Am the God of Israel, and I Am a Holy And Righteous God who will repay and in no way turn my eyes when rewarding the wicked. Israel has gone a-whoring from under Me, and has forsaken Me. I will not utterly destroy her as I will with America, for she is Mine forevermore. I will rule and reign from my Holy City, in which I was crucified, and where my Name is placed as an everlasting sign. I will know My people, and they will know Me. Trust in Me, O nation of Jews, and be Jews. Stop turning from Me and following your talmud and your own ways. I hate these things, and they are detestable and vile in My sight. Hear the Word of My prophets, and repent before Me before its too late. I will visit you both in judgement, and in correction that you may return to Me. I love you dearly O Israel. Look to the mountains, Look to the Golan, for they will strike and send rockets your way. Rejoice My remnant, for the time is near for the Great Harvest. Only a little time, and all things will come to pass. O Israel, make the Lord your God your Arm, and stop trusting in your flesh. Your military might comes from Me alone. Repent before Me and trust in Me.

Your Father and your God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yashua HaMashiach.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Fall of the American Army

The fall of the American Army is in no way putting down true soldiers, who are men of God. Fighting for righteousness and truth, being defenders and not murderers. These are our brethren and they have a special calling.
This Word is to you o America, for your Army has fallen before me in pity. I will not hear you when you cry out to Me in that day. For you have forsaken Me. You have stabbed my back with your wicked lies, abominations and idolatry that fills you to the top. I will destroy you, O America, for you have forsaken Me, Yashua, Your Lord and Your God. I founded you, O America, but you have deceieved yourselves and have gone astray. Now I will punish your sins. I will utterally destroy you from the waters you viperous nation. Repent or likewise perish. I will visit you O Nation full of deceit. Going awhoring from under your God. You have rebelled against Me and have spit upon My Face O America. You have sinned a sin unto death and the death of your young ones before you. They are powerless without Me. I see your war crimes America. Repent before it's too late.
The Lord is roaring this message to Babylon the Great Whore on Many Waters. The Word is a sharp 2-edged sword. He will fight them with the Word of His Mouth. God has been watching America since her foundation. When her foundation was strong was when she trusted in her Saviour and God used her in big ways for her glory. Now, she glories in her sin. The blood curdling screams from the ground because of the innocent blood shed. The babies will be avenged. The great whore is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Our Lord Jesus Has Spoken: Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city (Matthew 10:15 KJV). Many will repent in America, and there are MANY brethren in America. She used to be so beautiful, but now she's a filthy rag. Abominable and a vile stench to God. The Lord is not with Americas army. He will not go out before them as a whole nation. Only His own no matter who it is or where they are. I grieve with the Father over America daily. It hurts and sadness the Lord Jesus heart He loves America.
The Antichrist will rise from this pit of ashes. BHO that wicked serpent will have his time. But he has no say. God has all of it in His Righteous Right Hand. Be at peace brethren for the Lord God reigns in all the earth. Prophecy is coming to pass at rapid speeds with America. They are fulfilling Bible prophecy by the Hand of the Almighty. And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:" (Daniel 2:21). Trump is fulfilling prophecy and God is using Him. Yet, men trust in him. This is wickedness. Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. Trust ye in the LORD! TURN BACK AMERICA AND WAKE UP. THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT WILL INCREASE IN YOUR LAND BECAUSE OF YOUR MURDER IN ALL AREAS AND HIGH PLACES. WICKED ONES!
Praise you Lord Jesus. You died for me. You died for us Father. Bless you, Lord. I love you Father.
Matityahu Yeshuva